Eve the Fox

Eve the fox swung

her hips appetizingly, she

sauntered over to Adam the hunk

who was twiddling his toes and

devising an elaborate scheme

for renaming the beasts: Adam

was bored, but not Eve for she

knew the joy of swivelhips

and the taste of honey on her lips.

she was serpent wise and snake foolish,

and she knew all the tricks of the trade

that foxy lady, and she used them

to wile away the time: bite into this,

my hunky mate, she said, bending

tantalizingly low so her warm breasts

hung like peaches in the air. You

will know a thing or two when I get

through to you, she said, and gazed

deep with promise into his squinted eyes.

She admired the glisten of sweat and light

on his ropey arms, that hunky man of mine,

she sighed inside and wiggled deliciously

while he bit deep into the white fleshy

fruit she held to his lips. And wham-bam,

the change arose, it rose up in Adam

as it had in Eve and let me tell you

right then they knew all

they ever wanted to know about knowing,

and he discovered the perfect curve of her

breasts, the sweet gentle halfmoon of her belly,

the perfect valentine of her vulva,

the rose that curled within the garden,

of her loins, that he would enter like bees,

and she discovered the tender power

of his sweat, the strong center of his

muscled arms, she worshipped the dark hair

that fell over his chest in waves.

And together riding the current of this

altogether new knowing they had found,

they bit and chewed, bit and chewed.

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