H.D. (1886-1961)

Hilda Doolittle, publishing under the pen name H.D., was a poet and novelist, most famous for her involvement in the movement of “imagist” poetry in the early twentieth century. During her lifetime, H.D. was openly bisexual and had long term relationships with men and women.

Her autobiographical novel, HERmione, completed in 1927, wasn’t published until 1981 when it was re-discovered by her daughter, Perdita Schaffner. In it, the main character, Hermione, sometimes referred to with the nickname “Her,” struggles between her love for both George Lowndes and Fayne Rabb, based on the real-life realtionships H.D. had with Ezra Pound and Frances Josepha Gregg. In this excerpt, Hermione discusses George with Fayne.

From: HERmione

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