Jacking Off

Who showed up?

Joe S. pale bodied wiry leanness,

suck your cock—I kissed his belly,

thin muscular breast—

Suck my cock you bitch, little bitch

suck my cock,

Huck, I got him on his knees

licked his ass his hairy behind

doggie style, jacked him off he

grabbed his own dick finished—come.

Tom G. big cocked passed thru my

dream bed, didn’t stay

Ah John got you, bought the

leather handcuffs & strap

binding hand & feet helpless,

Leather Collar Roped to the

bedstead’s head— buy it

once for all S&M shops

Christopher Street

Uptown leather

Spank good & hard, slap his ass

let him write, better

than cutting him up,

designs with razor—

So came on that unfamiliar fear

savage control over

Adonis body, willing

eager—bound to be true.