Woman when we met on the solstice

high over halfway between your world and mine

rimmed with full moon and no more excuses

your red hair burned my fingers as I spread you

tasting your ruff down to sweetness

and I forgot to tell you

I have heard you calling across this land

In my blood before meeting

and I greet you again

on the beaches in mines lying on platforms

in trees full of tail-tail birds flicking

and deep in your caverns of decomposed granite

even over my own laterite hills

after a long journey licking your sons

while you wrinkle your nose at the stench.


Coming to rest

in the open mirrors of your demanded body

I will be black light as you lie against me

I will be heavy as August over your hair

our rivers flow from the same sea

and I promise to leave you again

full of amazement and our illuminations

dealt through the short tongues of color

or the taste of each other’s skin as it hung

from our childhood mouths.


When we meet again

will you put your hands upon me

will I ride you over our lands

will we sleep beneath trees in the rain?

You shall get young as I lick your stomach

hot and at rest before we move off again

you will be white fury in my navel

I will be sweeping night

Mawulisa foretells our bodies as our hands touch and learn

from each others hurt

Taste my milk in the ditches of Chile and Ougadougou

in Tema’s bright port while the priestess of Larteh

protects us

in the high meat stalls of Palmyra and Aboney-Calvi

now you are my child and my mother

we have always been sisters in pain.


Come in the curve of the lion’s bulging stomach

lie for a season out of the judging rain

we have mated we have cubbed

we have high time for work and another meeting

women exchanging blood

in the innermost rooms of moment

we must taste of each other’s fruit

at least once

before we shall both be slain.