Personal Ads

“I will send a picture too

if you will send me one of you”

                                    — R. Creeley


Poet professor in autumn years

seeks helpmate companion protector friend

young lover w/empty compassionate soul

exuberant spirit, straightforward handsome

athletic physique & boundless mind, courageous,

warrior who may also like women & girls, no problem,

to share bed meditation apartment Lower East Side,

help inspire mankind conquer world anger & guilt,

empowered by William Blake Rimbaud Ma Rainey & Vivaldi,

familiar respecting Art’s primordial majesty, priapic carefree

playful harmless slave or master, mortally tender passing swift time,

photographer, musician, painter, poet, yuppie or scholar—

Find me here in New York alone with the Alone

going to lady psychiatrist who says Make time in your life

for someone you can call darling, honey, who holds you dear

can get excited & lay his head on your heart in peace.